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Author Topic: Out Now Denney - J.A.K.D EP :)  (Read 5385 times)
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Out Now .... Hope you like it and all comments and feedback on the soundcloud are very welcome (DJ support below)






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Support from Jamie Jones, Rob Mello, Adam Shelton


Affie Yusuf - 8/10 Test cricket, Maccas track.. i like for that cowbell alone. I am sure i have it already!!!! Of course Denney Old School Rumble is my type of fav noise .

Jose Zaragosa 9/10 - That big dirty bass line on Macca's track, just gives me chills! Circus freak has a nice jack feel to it, and old school rumble reminds me of something played at a warehouse party in Chicago. Great job, def playing this one!

Chris James 7/10 - Like Macca's Track, Good Stuff

Timmy Stewart 8/10 - This is ace, all tracks are great and really pulling off the old school flavours well. Gonna spank em all.

Deep South Audio (Blog) 8/10 - Some big pounding grooves set for the club systems .. Circus freak is nice and twisted .. Solid release thanks

Rick Preston 9/10 - All three are rockers!!! "Circus Freak" is the standout for me!!

Laurent Garnier 7/10 - Great OLD SCHOOL RUMBLE

Will play this a lot

Craig Stewart 7/10 - Superb, Maccas Track & Old School Rumble are my faves

Bubba 9/10 - Wow! macca's track right up my street can't wait to drop this!!!

Tom Buddem 5/10 Macca's Track is the one for me here. thanks

DJ Harri 8/10 - Like

Colin Dale 6/10 - Cool tracks....the drums and percussion gives it a great old school feel which is right on the money.

Mark Archer 6/10 Old School Rumble is the standout for me,nice use of an Al Jerreau sample in Circus but Rumble gets my vote.

Phil Weeks 8/10 Circus Freak is very good, will rock also old school rumble

Releasing and remixing on Saved Records, Great Stuff, 20:20 Vision, Leftroom and Bulletdodge Denney’s past productions have gained support from a variety of DJ’s from Laurent Garnier, to Dubfire, to Cirillo, so its no surprise to see him featured on both Radio 1 with a 15 minute producer profile mix and Mixmag naming him a “Future Hero”.

‘Macca’s Track’ kicks the JA.K.D EP off and throbs its way along with a Bass line that even though crystal clear in production disguises itself in the mix as nothing but filthy and relentless, with more bounce than a Chinese laundry this Bass line leads the charge here along side tight percussion, snappy vocal stabs and a solid Kick. This is one for the hottest of floors.

Next up comes ‘Circus Freak’ a combination of Filtered Funk and Acid Tech all wrapped in the delights of Denney’s trademark grooves. This Record is full of energy with hits and shuffles in all the right places halted only by a Jazz influenced breakdown that could only be replicated by a Daft Punk / Duke Ellington love child.

Closing the EP is ‘Old School Rumble’ and this does exactly what it says on the tin. Denney brings the Acid but keeps the funk and bumps through a collaboration of effects and frequency manipulation. This Record Will make you move
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