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    special thanks

d3 wish to thank the following people for their input and feedback on d3 v.3:

the d3 massive for telling it like it is, tranceinmotion for always asking when v.3 would be done, donkey kwong for never holding back, and friends (past present future) for putting up with the late night coding sessions.

we also have to give thanks to everyone who shops d3. your support is much appreciated!

    what's new @ d3

the latest:

check out our new search feature. in other news, we have some issues with the site we are working hard to solve. our host moved us to a new server and broke several parts of the site in the process. we are aware of the display issues in the photo section and the image problems in the shop. we hope to have it running again soon. (updated 09.09.07)


the d3 shop is still going strong after over 3 years online. if you're looking for the latest dance tracks or the hottest techie toys, look no further. with our convenient shopping feature, you can now shop safely and securely with d3. (updated 09.09.07)


this is the latest addition to the d3 site. classics sure to keep you entertained. now with high scores! (added 01.24.04)


our host killed the forum without warning. we were able to set up a new board and for the most part save everything. on the bright side, the new board will run much quicker. (added 01.23.04)


featuring info on d3 and international djs. see d3's finest and learn about their unique styles. look for us to expand this area to include features on new and top djs around the world.


here we bring you the best of the best. whether you are looking for a great night on the town or some great dance related websites, this is the section to check out.


our new photo section has been redesigned for ease of use for all. images will be loaded the night of the event and you can print any image you like through shutterfly with the click of a button. be sure to try the slideshow feature.


find out what's hot and what's not in clubland, los angeles and the world. holding nothing back, we tell it to you like it is.

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