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dj moody:

a founding member of d3, moody's sets are truly deep, down and dirty. king of the deep bass grooves, you can't help but get up and dance when moody's on the wheels of steel. a veteran of the dance scene, moody's musical knowledge and mixing skills are unsurpassed.   dj moody.  deep house specialist.


a life-long musician who crafts works of art for the ears. j-me's sound is slightly speed up chill-out that is perfect for sunset or sunrise. let j-me sooth your tired soul after a hard day's work.   j-me.  relax to the smooth beat.


a d'n'b and jungle specialist, sillynuts is well known and loved by his neighbors for performing free extended sets in his apartment at all hours. a student of old school hip-hop, a sillynuts set can take you on a true journey through the sounds of the street.   sillynuts.  gettin' crazy with the funky beats.

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