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above and beyond:
breathing new life into trance, whether as djs or producers. tri-state is simply amazing. every track is excellent. the tracks flow nicely together as they take you on a journey through several moods.

christopher lawrence and dj dan:
the two legends play the queen mary in long beach on feb. 23. tickets are available through wantickets.

john beaver:
our favorite up and coming dj. his energy is amazing. check out one of his sets and you'll see what we mean. you can find him at djing regularly 1015 in san francisco or on myspace.

ibiza's children:
the best ibiza vid we've seen to date and it's free. captures the spirit and the feel of the white isle last summer. watch it and long to get away for the summer.

meth makeover:
wanting a new look? tired of the inconvenience of sleeping at night, showing up to work on-time, or keeping your promises to friends and family? ever dream about finding yourself in jail charged with violent crimes you don't remember committing? would you like to be thought of as a 'tweaker' or 'dirt bag' by complete strangers? if you answered yes, than you should consider a meth makeover!

d3 games:
in case you need another excuse to waste time online. great way to pass the workday. play now.

new york cops padlocked crobar as it was about to open on friday, january 5. they justified the raid on account of nine incidents of violence and a handful of drug and underage drinking arrests last year.

quite possibly the worst thing to happen to music in recent memory. if he wants to be an artist, release an album. just please stop singing on every album you produce! it's a shame when you can't distinguish between nelly furtado, justin timberlake and the pussy cat dolls because they all share the same beat and timbaland rambling over their over-engineered vocals.

nations choice mortgage
how are these guys still in business? nations choice mortgage is a scam and yet they somehow seem to have survived the mortgage meltdown. what's worse is that bankrate keeps running their bait-and-switch ads, making them seem somewhat legit.

for discriminating against pregnant women. regional manager josie munoz apparently thinks it is acceptable to fire pregnant women to avoid giving them maternity leave. no wonder they are battling with sprint for last place among the major cellular providers (their awful commercials and service don't help either).

david poole:
secret agent man @ the department of commerce who enjoys harassing innocent people. give him a call @ 617.293.2795 or 617.565.6037 or send him an email and let him know how history remembers those who abuse their power (think mccarthyism).

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